Wagdug Futuristic Unity - Raw

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Hiroshi Kyono (born March 31, 1969 in Yokohama, Japan) was the vocalist for The Mad Capsule Markets.

Kyono claims that in his earlier years he was an MTV junky, in high school he started listening to Japanese punk like Gauze, The Stalin, Inu, and Aburadako. Then he ventured out into overseas punk like Crass and Pop Group. Kyono's also states that the first record that he bought wasn't very 'punk inspired' as it was Electric Light Orchestra's Secret Messages!

When The Mad Capsule Markets were put on hiatus in 31 March 2006 (Kyono announced this on his birthday) Kyono created the WAG DUG unity website where he often posts diary entries of his latest DJ livesets in Japan and work on other projects, such as the wag dug clothing line. His recent musical activity includes appearing on the Death Note movie soundtrack.

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