Buck Tick Mona Lisa Overdrive

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Mona Lisa Overdrive is the fourteenth album by Japanese rock band Buck-Tick released in 2003. The album is named after the 1989 novel Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson.

Buck-Tick is a Japanese rock band consisting of five members: Atsushi Sakurai on vocals, Hisashi Imai on guitars, backing vocals, noises and theremin, Hidehiko Hoshino on guitars and backing vocals, Yutaka Higuchi on bass, and Yagami Toll on drums. They originally formed in 1984 and have been almost continuously active since then. Over the course of their career, the band have experimented with many different genres of music, including positive punk, post-punk style, new-wave, goth, industrial, electronica, and straight rock-n-roll. Along with X Japan, Buck-Tick are commonly credited as one of the founders of the visual kei movement.

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