Ex-girl Big When Far Small When Close

Ex-girl Big When Far Small When Close

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Contains : Vocal tracks from Ex-Girl who "...claim to hail from the planet Kero Kero. They are described as psychedelic, space rock, jazz fusion, jagged alternating vocal harmonies, sugary synthesiser pop, punk, prog, epic/atmospheric, noise-rock, wavering 3 part a capella, borderline operatic vocals, often in the space of a single song."

Tracks :

1. Neanderthal & Cromagnon

2. Sowolaki

3. Zozoi

4. Jet Moguta

5. Dandera Korabatten

6. Disco 3000

7. Alabama Dong

8. Big When Far, Small When Close

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  • Catalogue no.: PAR-50024
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  • Release date: 10/5/2000
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  • Format: 1 CD