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BTOOOM! contains episodes 1-12 of the anime directed by Kotono Watanabe.

When Ryota Sakamoto wakes up on a strange island with a bag of bombs and a crystal in his hand, the ace player of the hit game BTOOOM! is horrified to realize what's happening: Someone is recreating the ultra-violent game in real life, and Ryota and other equally unwilling participants have been dropped into a lethal do-or-die scenario played with strategy and high explosives!

And it gets worse. By the rules of the game, the only way off the island is to be the last person breathing at the end of the carnage, and there are no resets or second lives. Will the skills, tricks, and strategies absorbed while playing on a computer be enough to keep Ryota from being splattered and incinerated? Or will his favorite game literally end up blowing him away!?

Special Features: Digest 1 & 2, Japanese Promos & TV Spots, Clean Opening Animation and Clean Closing Animation

300 mins

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  • Release date: 7/6/2022
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