Mon Colle Knights (English Dub)

Mon Colle Knights (English Dub)

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Mon Colle Knights (English Dub) Blu-ray episodes 1-46 of the English language episodes directed by Yasunao Aoki in standard definition on a Blu-ray disc.

Professor Hiiragi discovers the existence of Mon World, an otherdimensional world full of monsters and powerful hidden treasures known as Monster Items. Determined to connect Earth to Mon World, he creates the Utopian Eagle, a ship capable of traveling to the next dimension over. Hiiragi embarks on a voyage of adventure with his fifth-grade daughter, Rockna, and her classmate, Mondo.

However, they’re foiled at every turn by Prince Eccentro and his assistants, who want the Monster Items for themselves in order to conquer both worlds. Becoming the heroes known as Mon Colle Knights, Mondo and Rockna join forces with the monsters of Mon World, striking back against Prince Eccentro while searching for the Monster Items in the name of friendship between their worlds.

This complete collection contains all 46 English dubbed episodes in standard definition, including two previously lost episodes!

980 mins

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  • Release date: 31/5/2022
  • Condition: New
  • Format: Region A Blu-ray