Onyx Equinox

Onyx Equinox

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Onyx Equinox contains episodes 1-12 of the animated series created by Sofia Alexander.

The gods are at war. At stake: the precious resources that they all need and crave - the blood and souls of humanity, which are being stolen by the god of the underworld. Behind his Onyx gates, toxic to all other gods, Michtlantecuhtli seems untouchable… but the serpent god Quetzalcoatl has a plan: send in the lowest of the low, a human, to destroy the Gates and let the blood flow before his fellow gods wipe out mankind in an orgy of slaughter. His chosen weapon: the apathetic Izel, who undertakes the task for the chance to save the soul of the last person in the world he cared about: his sister, who was sacrificed in a blood ritual. The gore-soaked world of Aztec, Incan, and Mayan myths become a savage battleground in the brutal and shocking animation epic, Onyx Equinox!

Special Features: Clean Opening Animation and Clean Closing Animation

300 mins

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  • Release date: 22/2/2022
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