Samurai Girls & Samurai Bride

Samurai Girls & Samurai Bride

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This collection contains the anime Samurai Girls, episodes 1-12, and Samurai Bride, episodes 1-12, both directed by KOBUN.

Muneakira Yagyu always thought he was a gifted student of samurai ways, but when a beautiful naked girl, Jubei, falls from the sky and into his arms, he discovers just how gifted he is. Because when they kiss, Jubei becomes a master samurai capable of defeating almost any enemy! Which is fortunate, because a great evil is threatening Japan, and the only force that can stop it is Jubei and a team of other beautiful samurai women who also conveniently get power-ups from kissing Muneakira!

Of course, that means that Muneakira will have to keep his lips exercised and in fighting trim, and sooner or later, some of those lovely ladies will be insisting on a walk down the aisle. It's time to make love AND war in the ultimate combined collection of Samurai Girls and Samurai Bride!

Special Features: Narrated Comics, Blushing Maidens in the Pact, Production Sketches, Samurai Bride Shorts, Clean Opening Animation and Clean Closing Animation

600 mins

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  • Release date: 15/2/2022
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  • Format: Region A Blu-ray