Robotech Part 1 The Macross Saga

Robotech Part 1 The Macross Saga

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Robotech Part 1: The Macross Saga contains episodes 1-36 of the animated series directed by Robert Barron.

When an alien ship crashes in the South Pacific, humanity reverse-engineers its Robotechnology to build the warship SDF-1 and prepare for another assault. But the arrival of a new armada will kick off a generation-long war for both Earth and the cosmos!

Special Features: Macross Opening Animation vers. 1 and 2, Macross Closing Animation vers. 1 and 2, Southern Cross Opening and Closing Animations, Genesis Climber Mospeada Opening and Closing Animations, Robotech Opening and Closing Animations, Rare Promotional Reels, Macross Original Pilot, Macross Original Pilot - 70-Minute Extended Version, Macross Character Model Sheets, Macross Character Bios, Macross Mecha Model Sheets, Masters Characters, Masters Mecha, Masters Army Uniforms, Masters Backgrounds, Masters Early Pre-Production, New Generation Characters and Mecha.

900 mins

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  • Release date: 28/9/2021
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  • Format: Region A Blu-ray