Dear Brother

Dear Brother

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Dear Brother contains episodes 1-39 of the anime directed by Osamu Dezaki.

It’s Nanako’s first day at Seiran Academy, a prestigious all-girl’s high school famous for its exclusive and elegant “Sorority.” Only ten members will be accepted this year, and competition is fierce! Despite seeming fairly unremarkable on the surface, Nanako is selected as a member – instantly making her a target for her jealous and angry classmates. But the bullying doesn’t stop Nanako from forming friendships with the three most popular students, and even falling in love. Reuniting Lady Oscar author Riyoko Ikeda with legendary director Osamu Dezaki, Dear Brother is an enduring melodrama that’s getting rediscovered by a new generation of anime fans.

860 mins

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  • Release date: 29/6/2021
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