Isuca TV Series + OVA

Isuca TV Series + OVA

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Isuca TV Series + OVA contains anime episodes 1-10 plus the OVA both directed by Akira Iwanaga.

When boy meets girl, usually there's less demons involved!

Shinichiro Asano's parents have left the country, so a guy's gotta work to make ends meet. One night when he's walking home after his shift, a woman exposes herself to him in the street, popping not only out of her clothes--but out of her skin, too! Fortunately he's saved from becoming a demon snack by a mysterious, bow-wielding girl. But that's not the end to the strange coincidences.

At school the next day, he finds a seriously injured girl, and the terrible creature responsible. Before he knows it, Shinichiro is in the fight of his life alongside the girl who saved him. And not only is Sakuya a demon-slaying exorcist, she's his classmate too! Shinichiro's biggest concern may have been making rent before, but now he's entered a whole new world, and he's got secrets of his own that even he doesn't know about.

250 mins

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  • Release date: 27/10/2020
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  • Format: Region A Blu-ray