O Maidens in Your Savage Season

O Maidens in Your Savage Season

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O Maidens in Your Savage Season contains episodes 1-12 of the anime directed by Masahiro Ando and Takuro Tsukada.

It started when the Literature Club's president, Rika, began reading some especially lurid prose out loud to the other girls, but the major turning point was when the term 'bucket list' was discussed and Niina stated that having sex was at the top of hers.

From there… well, they were a group of young women swimming in the sea of hormones of a modern high school. How could they NOT find their brains preoccupied with sex? Especially with Kazusa dealing with her feelings for a childhood friend, Hitoha secretly writing adult novels without any experience, and Momoko experiencing revelations about her own orientation. A whole new chapter is about to begin in the lives of five young women as they venture past the printed page and into the real world!

Special Features: Clean Closing Animation

300 mins

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  • Release date: 28/7/2020
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  • Format: Region A Blu-ray