She and Her Cat Everything Flows

She and Her Cat Everything Flows

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She and Her Cat Everything Flows contains episodes 1-4 of the anime directed by Kazuya Sakamoto.

Daru lives together with her in a small apartment. Every day, he watches her rise in the morning, go out, and come home after the sun has set. Though they can't talk to one another, Daru doesn't need words to see the change in her when her friend moves out.

For you see, Daru is her cat, and our pets understand us on a deeper level than we can ever know. She and Her Cat is a touching short series that explores this relationship, based on a film created by famous director Makoto Shinkai (Your Name). Remember to cherish your pets!

32 mins

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  • Release date: 26/5/2020
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  • Format: Region A Blu-ray