Black Clover Season 2 Part 3 Collector's Box Blu-ray/DVD

Black Clover Season 2 Part 3 Collector's Box Blu-ray/DVD

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Black Clover Season 2 Part 3 contains episodes 73-83 of the anime directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara, plus a collector's box which houses the entire of Season 2.

Just as the Black Bulls return from the Underwater Temple, they find more trouble brewing in the capital! After learning about the terrorist attacks on the Clover Kingdom, the Diamond Kingdom decides it’s time to make their move. Sending their Shining Generals, they prepare an all-out siege on the border town of Kiten. But not even broken arms will stop Asta from jumping into this fight!

Special Features: Black Clover: Cris George & Clifford Chapin Discuss the Royal Knights Exam, Inside the Episode, Episode 76 Commentary, Episode 77 Commentary, Clover Clips Special Edition, Textless Songs

250 mins

This is the official region 1/A DVD/blu-ray published in the US by Funimation.

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  • Barcode: 704400023507
  • Release date: 3/3/2020
  • Condition: New
  • Format: Region A/1 Blu-ray + DVD