Di Gi Charat Ultimate Collection

Di Gi Charat Ultimate Collection

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Di Gi Charat Ultimate Collection contains the Summer Special, Christmas Special, Flower Viewing Special, Summer Vacation Special, Rainy Season Special, and Winter Garden Specials directed by Hiroaki Sakurai and presented on a Standard Definition Blu-ray disc.

What do you do after your parents spend all their money unsuccessfully trying to take over the planet Di Gi Charat? If you're an Alien Princess with cat ears and a tail, and shoot ray beams from your eyes like Dejiko, you travel to Earth and try to become a famous singer, of course! That's harder than it sounds however, and Dejiko, her sidekick Puchiko and their balloon-like protector Gema soon find themselves working in a game store in the only place where cat girls and living balloons seem completely normal: Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan. Now all they have to do is sell a few games, fend off various intergalactic invaders, outperform wannabe singers from other worlds and maybe learn about a strange little Earth emotion called love in the ultimate collection of Di Gi Charat!

Special Features: Gamers Express Di Gi Charat, Spotlight, Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation

320 mins

  • Otaku code: 97206H
  • Barcode: 816726027623
  • Release date: 17/9/2019
  • Condition: New
  • Format: Region A Blu-ray