Great Mazinger

Great Mazinger

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Great Mazinger contains anime episodes 1-56 in standard definition on one blu-ray disc.

After a long and difficult battle, Dr. Hell and his malicious forces have been defeated. While it seems as though peace has been achieved, a much stronger evil has arisen: the Myceanaean Empire. Lead by the Emperor of darkness, they waste no time to dispatch their fearsome battle beasts, which easily defeat Mazinger Z. As Koji and Sayala leave for the United States, it's up to skilled pilot, Tetsuya Tsurgi, and his new and improved Great Mazinger to take a stand.

Great Mazinger in the ultimate giant robot, superior than it's predecessor in every way. It freely soars the skies with its advanced wings, and strikes down evil with it's Great Blade! Together with the Science Fortress Institute, Tetsuya pilots Great Mazinger to take down the evil Mycenaean Empire! The battle between good and evil continues in the exciting sequel to Mazinger Z!

Created by legendary manga artist Go Nagai (Devilman, Getter Robo), Great Mazinger first aired in Japan in 1974 and is the sequel series to Mazinger Z.

1250 mins

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