Ladies Versus Butlers

Ladies Versus Butlers

Otaku Code: 92617W
Barcode: 631595131376
Category: R1 US Anime DVD
Language: Spoken: English, Japanese; Subtitles: English
Condition: New
Release Date: 03 November, 2015
Status: Available to order
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Price : £17.99
Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was young, and was adopted into his uncle's family. When he noticed that his uncle is after his inheritance, he decides to enter the Hakureiryou boarding school. Akiharu is placed in the school's new servant-training department, where students are taught to be maids and butlers. However, his delinquent appearance frightens the girls, who make up the majority of the students.

Unable to get along with his classmates, Akiharu meets his childhood girlfriend Saikyou Tomomi and finds himself stuck in the middle of the school's bickering cliques!

Special Features: Lady vs Battle Omake.

306 mins

This is the official US region 1 DVD release published by Media Blasters.

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