Bleach Movie 3 Fade to Black

Bleach Movie 3 Fade to Black

Otaku Code: 91505M
Barcode: 782009241812
Category: US Blu-ray
Language: Spoken: English, Japanese; Subtitles: English
Condition: New
Release Date: 15 November, 2011
Status: Available to order
(allow up to 6 weeks for delivery)
Price : £16.99
A mysterious figure has broken into Mayuri Kurotsuchi's laboratory in the Seireitei. Rukia witnesses this catastrophe, and the intruders abduct Rukia as she feels something inside of her fade away.
Meanwhile, in the World of the Living, Ichigo and Kon experience a strange disturbance and head to Kisuke Urahara's shop for some answers. When Kisuke informs them about the destruction of the Seireitei, the two set out for the Soul Society.
What awaits Ichigo in the devastated Seireitei, however, are Soul Reapers who seem to have lost all memory related to both him and Rukia. Ichigo must find out what happened to Rukia and try to save her before the two are forced to part ways forever!
Special Features: Production Sketches.
Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

90 Minutes

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