Flower Travellin' Band Anywhere

Flower Travellin' Band Anywhere

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Juilan Cope praised the album in his book "Japrocksampler" and placed it at No.28 in his Best 50 chart of Japanese Rock.

Their 1970 album "Anywhere" consists of five lengthy cover songs (including the first known Black Sabbath cover, namely the song "Black Sabbath"), which are radically reimagined from the originals, with extended guitar soloing and quite different arrangements from the originals.

Critically praised, particularly for the drastic reworkings of Muddy Waters' "Louisiana Blues" and the traditional "House of the Rising Sun," both of which are well-nigh unrecognizable. Once more the album cover courted controversy in Japan, featuring the four members of the band riding down the road stark naked on Honda motorcycles.

The band was signed to Atlantic Records in Japan on the basis of these songs. The album apparently charted briefly in Canada.

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