Hand Shakers Blu-ray/DVD

Hand Shakers Blu-ray/DVD

Otaku Code: 96383Q
Barcode: 704400016790
Category: R1 US Anime DVD
Language: Spoken: English, Japanese; Subtitles: English
Condition: New
Release Date: 20 March, 2018
Status: Available to order
(allow up to 6 weeks for delivery)
Price : £52.99
Hand Shakers contains episodes 1-12.

Fighting for the chance to confront God is hard enough, but high school student and genius mechanic Tazuna has it tougher than most. When he happens to hold hands with a girl in a lab, the two form the contract of Hand Shakers - couples who must fight in otherworldly battles to have a wish granted by God.

There's just one catch: Tazuna's partner, Koyori, will die if she lets go of his hand. With every challenge they face in the alternate dimension known as the Ziggurat, the two grow stronger. Little do they know that a secret from Koyori's past might just be their undoing.

300 mins

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