One Piece Collection 19 Uncut

One Piece Collection 19 Uncut

Otaku Code: 95776D
Barcode: 704400017193
Category: R1 US Anime DVD
Language: Spoken: English, Japanese; Subtitles: English
Condition: New
Release Date: 23 May, 2017
Status: Available to order
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Price : £26.99
One Piece Collection 19 contains episodes 446-468.

The heat of battle intensifies when Blackbeard bursts upon the scene. Meanwhile, the survival of the rescue party depends on slipping through the Gate of Justice! Next stop is the Navy's headquarters, Marineford, where the three admirals and the Seven Warlords vow to carry out Ace's sentence. As the legendary Whitebeard declares war, a shocking family secret whips the crowd into a frenzy.

Special Features: Usopp: The Sniper King, Robin's Search, Episode 446 Commentary, Episode 452 Commentary, Episode 462 Commentary, Episode 468 Commentary, Textless Opening and Closing Songs, Trailers

575 mins

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