23 April 2014
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Kenji Kawaii - Patlabor Movie 3 Wxiii Soundtrack

Tracks : 17
Contains : Original Soundtrack
Format : 1 CD
All music composed by Kenji Kawai except track 15 [L. Beethoven].

Fold out presentation CD case including a seperate half A4 sheet printed
silver on black forward by Kenji Kawai [in Japanese]

Tracks :
Track 1: Title
Track 2: Something Beauty [should this be 'Beautiful']
Track 3: Their daily lives
Track 4: Inpatiants [could this be 'Impatience'?}
Track 5: Her solitude
Track 6: Darkness besides airport
Track 7: WXIII
Track 8: At the institute
Track 9: Invisible uneasiness
Track 10: The self-defense forces
Track 11: Detectives
Track 12: The other side of her
Track 13: Serious decision
Track 14: Ryujin
Track 15: Sonata fur klavier
Track 16: The last rain
Track 17: Ending
Release date : 3/4/2002

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